Ford Otosan Inonu Factory

The factory covers an external area of 1.1 million sqm open and an internal area of 90,000 sqm and produces high-quality Ford Trucks, Ford Tractors and Ecotorq engines. The factory was established in 1982, and is one of the driving powers behind the local economy, thanks to an annual production capacity of 15,000 trucks and tractors, 11,000 Ecotorq engines, 65,000 Transit puma engines, 140,000 Transit rear axles and 300,000 Transit front alignments. 

Wherever there’s a road, there’s a Ford 

Those that work on the road can rely on the service of Ford Trucks which operates from 30 domestic sale and service centrers, in nearly 50 foreign countries and across 3 continents, spanning an area from Russia to the Turkic Republics, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Sharing every load, everywhere around the world. 

The Right Place to Develop Road Competence: Ford Trucks Development Academy 

The academy, which opened in 2015, combines the culture and expertise of Ford Trucks with personal development. The efficiency of the training is always being improved through classroom training, e-training, renewal training, workshop applications and video training. Training is geared to individual needs according to level of expertise and knowledge. Training is moderated by experienced internal and external instructors that are familiar with Ford’s corporate culture. Personal training, competency performances and their effects on performance are monitored through the Ford Training Management System (FODDERS). 

Ford Development Academy’s Capacity 
11 classrooms, 
1 Computer Lab 
Conference Hall 
Multi-purpose Meeting Halls

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