The Construction Business: Tough for Beginners.
A Breeze if You Have The Power.
For any construction project, you need a sturdy companion: one that can handle the heaviest loads with ease and adapt to any work site. From all-wheel drive tippers to concrete mixers and pumps, the Ford Trucks construction series offers a range of trucks that you cannot do without.
Unveiling the Source of Power:The New Ecotorq Engine.

The Ecotorq engine at the heart of the Ford Trucks Construction Series will impress you too with its natural balance of performance and economy.

Engine Brake and Intarder

The Standard Integrated Engine Brake is there for you when you need it most. Engages at the right moment, allowing your vehicle to go downhill safely even when fully loaded. Allows you to brake whenever you need, with any load and whatever the conditions.

Automated Transmission Modes

It knows your mode better than you do. With its Eco, Off-Road, and Rocking modes, it switches gears when needed. So that you can control your speed on any road.

Improved Maneuverability

Impress everyone with your maneuvers even in the tightest locations. With its optimum wheelbase and improved steering system, maneuvering becomes a joy rather than a burden.

Ford Trucks:
The Business Partner
That Works As Hard As You Do
Even When The Going Gets Tough

With the Ford Trucks Construction Series,
There’s Never A Challenge Too Big.
In the construction business, we stand solid as a rock.
Ali Yılmaz - Construction Truck Driver
Ford Trucks Experience with
360-degree Camera
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